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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

A milk oasis in the desert


INDEX-6® installed four ESL (VDMA III) dosage units AssetClean® 49 RRWTC 24/18/8 - "QUADRO IND TEAM" in a newly built milk processing plant in the desert of Oman. The equipment is UltraClean with high flexibility for 8 different kinds of packaging ( format units) for a technologically complete milk production from its own dairy farms and under its own trademarks with differently designed PET bottles.

- AssetClean® 49 RRWTC 32/24/8 (with 0,2 /0,25 /0,5 and 1 L bottles);
- AssetClean® 49 RRWTC 18/20/6 G (with 2 л. and 3,85 L(Gallon) bottles);
- AssetClean® 49 RRWTC 24/18/6 (with 0,2 /0,33 and 1 L bottles);
- AssetClean® 49 RRWTC 24/24/6 (with 0,2 /0,3 and 1,75 L bottles);

The multiblocs have a compact design and a facilitated control in addition to a low cost maintenance and a fast sanitation process. The weight filling technology is precise and highly efficient. The productivity varies from 4000 to 12000 bottles/h. INDEX-6® was chosen for a supplier for the filling unit together with companies such as Tetra Pak (the processing unit) and a lot of others. INDEX-6® perfectly satisfies the needs and the choice of the investor and the market because of the options it provides for the adequate planning of the project in its different aspects.