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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Complete technological line for filling of fresh milk in PET bottles.


In May 2011 INDEX-6® installed and put into exploitation another complete technological line for filling of fresh milk in PET bottles (0,2; 0,29; 0,42 and 1 liter), with capacity 12 000 bph, in the brand new expansion of the production base of company “Savushkin Product” in Belorussia.

The line is of synchronous type – the bottles are blown in place from pre-forms and fed from the blowing machine directly to the weight filling tribloc system AssetClean® 40/30/10, via a 52-meter air conveyor IND-Trans 71 Aero.

The multibloc is in Ultra Clean edition (very high level of purity) ESL 30 and it is designed for products with shelf-life up to 30 days. Special attention is paid on the filling and washing zones – the perfect purity is guaranteed by PPS System, which includes CIP and SIP washing and sterile air in the clean chamber of the filling-capping bloc, which provides sterile environment ISO 5.

The bloc is in Neck Handling edition and comprises a 40-position turret for sterilization of the bottles, a 30-position weight-dosing filling turret and a 10-position capping turret with Pick&Place and a linear cap orientator. Following the filling tribloc is a multi-lane buffering conveyor system IND-Trans 71/72, ensuring continuous operation with no downtime when changing the labels reel of the Sleeve labeler.

The bottles are labeled with one partial or one complete label. Final packaging is into packages of groups of 6 or 12 bottles in thermo-shrinkable foil.

The maximal complete line capacity is 16 000 bph.