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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary equipment

To provide containers conveyance between the separate technological processes like bottle blow-moulding, depalletizing, rinsing, filling, closing, labeling, group-packing and palletizing, INDEX-6® produces and supplies integral solutions from the IND-Trans series:

  • Air conveyors from the IND-Trans 71 Aero series – for transportation of PET and HDPE bottles.
  • Plate conveyors – straight or turning, with stainless steel or plastic plates, from the IND-Trans 71 series – for transportation of glass, plastic and metal containers.
  • Buffer systems – multi-lane straight and turning conveyors with precise speed regulation from the IND-Trans 72 series, securing smooth and continuous line operation and minimal downtime.
  • Loading and unloading rotating tables from the IND-Trans 73 series for easy loading/unloading of lines with no blowing and group-packing.
  • Rejection devices for automatic separation of the good from the non-good production, based on various criteria such as weight, vacuum and others.

  • Air Conveyors IND-Trans71 Aero

    Air Conveyors IND-Trans71 Aero"


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