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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Wine and Spirits

Wine Filling Index-6

Since ancient times the path of wine has started from Thracian. In contemporary Bulgaria, situated on the old Thracian land, magnificent wines are being manufactured. The most prestigious wines of the new modern wineries are filled with equipment of INDEX-6®. The best of the many-year practical experience of INDEX-6® in manufacturing of filling machinery for wine and alcoholic drinks is incorporated in the design and technological solutions implemented in the last generation of our machines. Depending on the concrete needs, requirements and limitations of our clients we offer specialized complete solutions for wine and alcohol filling starting with bottles rinsing and ending with product packed in cardboard boxes and palletized. According to our client's packaging technology and the legal requirements in the respective country we supply technological equipment for filling by level under low vacuum using special filling valves that prevent loss of aroma and alcohol degrees or volumetric filling for guaranteed volume of product in the bottles. We also take care of tax issues by providing excise label application feature for our labelers.

Our product range includes:

  • rinsing and sterilizing machines for new bottles – IND-Wash 55
  • machines for level filling under low vacuum – IND-Dose 46 LV
  • machines for volumetric filling – IND-Dose 48 RP
  • closing machines for cork plugs, screw caps, press caps, "GUALA" type caps, T-caps and others – IND-Close 11, IND-Close 22
  • Tribloc and Quadrobloc systems for rinsing filling and closing – the Pragmatic® series
  • Machines for application of decorative thermo-shrinkable or polylaminate capsules on the bottle neck – IND-Caps 84
  • labeling machines for the application of the full range of labels and excise labels. IND-Lab
  • Automatic packing machines for group-packing in thermo-shrinkable polyethylene foil or in cardboard boxes. IND-Pack 29 and IND-Pack 24

We also offer a wide range of additional equipment and machine features including:

  • linking and buffering single-lane and multi-lane straight and turning conveyors
  • palletizing with stretch foil wrapping
  • devices for re-circulation and regeneration of the rinsing solutions
  • devices for preparation of sterilizing solutions
  • devices for feeding of sterile air in the filling and capping zone
  • Liquid nitrogen injection
  • vacuum pumps
  • CIP-systems (cleaning in place) and others.

  • Alcohol Filling Index-6

    Alcohol Filling Index-6

  • Pragmatic Wine Filling Index-6

    Pragmatic Wine Filling Index-6


Bottling solutions for wine & alcohol