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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Quality and Environment

INDEX-6® has long ago implemented various certifications concerning the work process and is currently using and following an integrated management system incorporating а quality assurance system EN ISO 9001:2015 (Cert. No. HU02/55276 by SGS), an environmental management system complying with BDS EN ISO 14001:2015 (Cert. No.TRBA 110 0026 by TUV Rheinland) and an occupational health and safety management system complying with BS ISO 45001:2018 (Cert. No. TRB 113 0023 by TUV Rheinland).


INDEX-6® is a member of EHEDG; has ongoing projects under their guidelines and rules of hygienic design and engineering criteria. Also we acting on under the rules VDMA about hygienic filling machines for the food industry.

Contemporary quality through continuous improvement

The main purpose of the integrated management system in INDEX-6® is the continuous improvement of effectiveness of the company's results in observing the needs of its clients and all other interested parties and in applying the normative and law decrees concerning the company's products, the environment preservation and the creation of healthy and safe work conditions.

The company's management is endeavoring to create a culture that engages people to actively seek opportunities to improve the manufacturing processes and products with the aim of securing the organization's future by keeping a permanent high level of quality of products and services and thus corresponding to the needs of the clients and the other interested parties.

In order to achieve this goal a work environment which stimulates creativity is created. In this environment authorities are delegated in such a way that people are unrestricted to discover opportunities for improvement of the organization's products, services and functioning.
This is attained by undertaking concrete actions as follows:

  • Concrete goals are delegated to people for the projects and for the organization.
  • Comparisons are made with the functioning of competitors and with best known practices.
  • Recognition and rewarding of achievements in improvement.
  • Opportunities for employees to make suggestions and timely reaction of management.

The management provides approval, planning, execution and control of the changes in processes or products in order to correspond to the requirements of clients and interested parties and in the same time prevent going beyond the organization's capabilities.

The Environment outside and inside INDEX-6®

The environmental management system and the occupational health and safety management system are incorporated in INDEX-6® for a few main purposes:

  • To manage the impact the organization has on the environment with the purpose of the reduction of its negative aspects and prevention of pollution
  • To manage the work conditions and create healthy and safe work environment
  • To prove compliance with the requirements of laws and norms applicable.

INDEX-6® manages the waste generated during production, controls the use of fuels and electric energy, aims at renewable resources, observes and measures key characteristics of processes and activities related to the environment.

INDEX-6® continuously develops all activities, processes, work places and work equipment in a way that assures control of existing and prevention of potential risks to health and safety of its employees. High level of readiness for reaction to alerts, calamities and disaster is supported.