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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products


Tuist Off IND-Close12M

Twist-Off Closing Systems - cappers for glass bottles and jars.

Our Twist-Off capping range includes automatic machines from the IND-Close 14 and IND-Close 12 series using disc-type or belt-type closing mechanism. We have different cap feeding mechanisms allowing us to offer solutions for capacity range of up to 24 000 bph. Our twist-off closing machines include features like vacuum creation through steam injection, motorized adjustment and electronic synchronization of speeds of the different modules. The IND-Close 12 system can work with both Twist-Off and Press-Twist (TO and PT) caps. For very low-capacity purposes we offer the standard semiautomatic IND-Close 16 which uses dry vacuum.

  • Belt Closing Mechanism

    Belt Closing Mechanism

  • Caps Orientator IND-Close14M

    Caps Orientator IND-Close14M

  • Disk Closing Mechanism Close14M

    Disk Closing Mechanism Close14M

  • TwistOff IND-Close14M

    TwistOff IND-Close14M


Twist-off closing systems