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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Installation and start-up

Proper equipment installation is a complex process starting with detailed information exchange between the client and our specialists. Premises limitations, requirements to floor, ventilation, humidity and air purity are clarified. Line layout is designed with the idea for easy operation and maintenance in mind, proper buffering systems are applied to prevent unwanted line stops. Installation schemes for electricity, compressed air, steam and others are negotiated. We always make sure that the client is well informed about his responsibilities and that he is prepared for our specialists when they arrive to his factory. This allows us to carry out quick and proper equipment installation.

Before sending equipment to our clients, specialists at INDEX-6® perform calibration and testing with samples of the original containers, caps, labels, boxes and also real product when necessary. After every parameter has been checked and adjusted the equipment is approved for export from INDEX-6®.
This is why our service engineers arrive at the client's factory to perform start-up of equipment that has already been calibrated to work in the same layout with the same product and containers. Depending on the type of your plant (equipment) the training of personnel continues for a certain period of time under real production conditions. Use and maintenance manuals are provided in different languages.

installation startup

Installation scheme for complete filling line:


Our service team

You will receive advice and support from our service personnel before, during and after the installation and start-up of your equipment. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers can remedy problems in the shortest time possible helping you avoid or reduce expensive outages.
We also provide additional services such as inspection, overhauling, planned maintenance and training of personnel either at our plant or on your site.

24-hour support
You can call our personnel round-the-clock in case of technical disturbances. The tel. No. is +359 887479988
On workdays from 8.00 to 18.00 GMT+2 you can also dial +359 32 60 15 60

Spare parts

We keep detailed files of all the equipment we supply for minimum 10 years after year of manufacturing. Our specially organized spare parts logistic and production system enables us to supply the spare parts you need immediately or within a couple of days period.
Based on our experience, upon request we can provide a recommended set of necessary parts subject to wear or others that might be needed after a certain period of time specifically for your equipment.

Remote diagnostic
Many of our machines can be equipped with Ethernet or a modem for remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.

After Sales

Aftersales services, maintenance and technical assistance are one adequate response to our clients' needs, which have always been in the center of our attention. Their success is our success, too. We develop equipment, back-upped with wearable spare parts and critical components, in order to be sure that it performs efficiently and reliably, that it is well maintained and contributes to the progress, stability and increasing of the productivity of each client. Co-ordinated products and decisions give you a contemporary, efficient and professional system of sales and assembly of equipment for various products. We always treat all inquiries and questions with the necessary promptness, so we can offer the best expert solutions and assistance. Our team is at your disposal, using their experience, gained through the years, creating optimal decisions for different lines of business and various products. We know that your production cannot wait and we have provided assistance close to you thanks to our representatives in many countries.

after sales