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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Multibloc Systems

Multibloc Systems

Multibloc systems for bottling especially of microbiologically sensitive products like milk and dairy, juices, cold teas, from the AssetCleanTM series. Both weight dosing and flowmetric dosing are utilized, depending on product and container peculiarities and requested capacity. Various features for increased hygiene are integrated into these systems.

The multibloc systems from the Pragmatic® series are designed for filling of a wide range of liquid and dense products in PET, HDPE, glass and tin containers, based on weight, volumetric, оverpressure and gravity dosing technologies. INDEX-6® possesses a many-year experience in the application of these dosing technologies for filling of products as ketchup and dressings; tomato, pepper and pumpkin pastes; mayonnaise; vegetable oils and vinegar; juices; jams and toppings; alcohol products; non-food products as cosmetics, motor oils, industrial fluids, detergents and others.

  • AseptPro UHC Weight Synchrobloc

    AseptPro UHC Weight Synchrobloc

  • B_ifill Synchrobloc Blow-Molding Filling

    B_ifill Synchrobloc Blow-Molding Filling

  • Pragmatic Bloc Ketchup Filling

    Pragmatic Bloc Ketchup Filling

  • Pragmatic Bloc Oils Cans Filling

    Pragmatic Bloc Oils Cans Filling


Мilk & dairy products filling

B_Ifill Synchrosystem Blow-molding - Filling - Closing


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