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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Packing & Palletizing

IND-Pack24 Manipulator

For group-packing of products at the end of the filling line INDEX-6® offers two types of machines:

  • The IND-Pack 29 series, for group-packing in thermo-shrinkable foil
  • The IND-Pack 24 series for packing in cardboard boxes. For both types of group-packing we offer integral solutions.
  • We use special dividers to form groups of cylindrical, flat or square containers, as well as containers with complex shape.
  • Our machines from the IND-Pack 29 series can insert flat cardboard pad or cardboard tray with walls underneath the containers.
  • We offer cardboard box erection and closing with adhesive tape or hotmelt glue.
  • We secure ready packs/boxes conveyance to palletizing.
For palletizing of the group packs we offer different type of configurations with capacity up to 35 pallets/h, series IND-Pallet 23 PL.

  • IND-Pack24


  • IND-Pack29 Classic

    IND-Pack29 Classic

  • IND-Pallet 23PL

    IND-Pallet 23PL

  • Packer & Paletizer

    Packer & Paletizer


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