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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

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INDEX-6 implemented a line for filling and packing of chilli sauces in a special package with an applicator covered with a preserving film (partial sleeve label) for a proven manufacturer in distant Vietnam. The line consists of a bottle orientation, a vacuum conveyor for the empty bottles, a volumetric filling block with two closing sections, a linear cap sterilizer for the filled bottles, a labeling machine and a tamper evident labeller for heat shrinkable preserving labels on the bottle neck. The filling unit for the sauces is the new Dose 48 RPCC 24/6/6 block - a hygienic high performance rotor unit (12,000 bottles / h) for volumetric filling of viscous foods (sauces, etc.) and with 24 active fill nozzles adapted to the specifics of these products. The filling and closing chamber is combined but fully subjected to the hygienic standards of INDEX-6 for clean filling and closing with their attitude of responsibility towards the final food product. The closing is accomplished by means of two rotary capping columns respectively for: a) a safety press-on inner cap; and b / screw cap with sauce applicator. All moving mechanisms are kinematically connected and driven by a single gearmotor for simplified operation and maintenance, but with accurate filling phase management at all times.