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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Automatic filling line for water - Bringing the Water of Life ("The Life is thirsty!")


Clean and fresh mineral water bottled with the Ultra Clean Automatic Filling Line from the AssetClean® serie is installed and put into operation for one of the favorite Bulgarian brands Pirin Spring. Natural mineral water from the heart of the mountain - Banichan village, Gotse Delchev in Bulgaria. In order to reach the consumer in the best possible condition, manufacturers have chosen Polimers Trading and INDEX-6 to build a complete Ultra Clean line for blowing, filling, capping, labeling and packaging in PET bottles of different capacity.

The equipment is the latest generation of hygienic, accurate filling solutions without any  contamination from the environment; dosing filling and closing is done in the Clean chamber of the multiblock, the air is continuously purified by a microbiological filter system and bottles and caps undergo sterilizing treatment. This helps to fully preserve the quality and natural taste of the water as it is from the spring.

The blowing machine is model AM-X2S of Polymers Trading. The AssetClean® multiblock is a flowmetric dosing technology with ESL-49 RRPWT 16/6/12 S specification; Neck Handling of bottles with non-contact filling. Automatic process control is managed through a touch screen monitor that provides complete information about the process data flow. The multiblock is equipped with an automatic cleaning system inside the working chamber with sterilizing solutions. The caps are treated in a special ozonated water dispenser after the orienteer who fed them to the clear chamber of the closing column with 6 closure heads. The block is very flexible and allows the bottling of different volumes of PET bottles - from 0.25 to 2.0 liters.

The line is equipped with an IND-Lab 32C labeling machine for the front and rear label, after which the bottles are grouped in bulk packages and fed to a packing machine for packing IND-Pack 29. The whole line working in full synchronization with with capacity of 8000 bottles/hour.