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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Bulgarian Milk with Bulgarian Machines - Dominant Dairy Brands on the Bulgarian Market count with INDEX-6® Filling Lines in Ultra Clean Execution


Despite the many conflicting opinions on dairy drinks, they remain one of the staple whole food products for humans due to the content of essential amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, as well as valuable probiotics in yogurts. Statistics show that the consumption of these products in our country is increasing, which requires the use of efficient high-speed filling and packaging technology in dairy-processing factories: МilkyBio, ОМC (Vereya), Маdjarov, Lactimа Balkan, Poliday (Domlian), Elbi Bulgaricum, Zorov are among the many leading businesses in the industry, who trusted INDEX-6® filling lines.

The company has developed and provided individual customized solutions with controlled weight or volumetric filling and closing of products in a clean environment (execution according to VDMA-standard for hygienic machine design) in compliance with the highest sanitary norms and safety. The flexibility of the format parts allows for easy and quick reconfiguration for different bottle volumes, while suitable labelling machines contribute to the manufacturer`s marketing goals. With the installation of a blow-molding machine and machines for group packaging and palletizing, the line becomes fully automatic and highly productive. Particular interest in this regard, represent the solutions in the lines from series B_Ifill™ for fresh milk implemented at Vereya (OMK) and the series AseptPro™ for Lactima Balkan with a filling capacity of each 16000 l/h.

B_Ifill™ is a compact synchronized system offering blow-molding, weight dosing and filling, and capping for PET bottles of high hygiene standards, with automatic feeding of preforms and caps. The main working section is a rotary one with a non-contact filling by 32 patented filling valves of individual flow control, complying with all accurate dosing hygiene standards, while the capping is based on the Pick & Place principle with a special checking device for selecting caps and subsequent automatic reaction. The highly hygienic design solutions comprise all the required equipment: automatic CIP, additional disinfection sections for bottles and caps, safety glass, centralized intelligent monitoring and control systems ensuring the accuracy of the entire process. The line also includes a labelling machine IND-Lab 38 S for heat-shrink labels, a machine for group packaging MSV 300 D, and a palletizer IND-Pallet 23 PL, synchronized with conveyor systems, which assist in the full automation of filling-sealing-packaging up to the output of the ready-to-ship pallets with products.

AseptPro™ UHC is the synchronised contactless weight-filling that Lactima Balkan trusted in. This series of machines exceeds the requirements of the VDMA IV standard, allowing for an extended product shelf-life due to higher level of disinfection and filling cleanliness. This is achieved by a small isolator with control of access and constant sterile-air pressure. The line is equipped with a bottle blowing machine with eight blowing stations, synchronized filling machine 24/30/24/8 AseptPro™, a labelling machine for wrap-around ROLL FED labels, a packaging machine for packaging with shrink film, and the corresponding buffering and transport conveyors IND-Trans 71, 71A, 71R, 72, 73, providing full process automation. It also offers the necessary additional devices – an installation for preparing a disinfecting solution of H2O2 and sterile air IND-HOSW, a hygiene station for external washing with active foam, etc.