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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Filling, capping and labeling of shampoo and household chemistry.

January 2010

INDEX-6® supplied and assembled another automatic line for filling, capping and labeling of shampoo and household chemistry, with completely modernized design. The line incorporates our latest flowmetric linear filling machine with 10 filling heads, model IND-Dose 43 F-10. The filling process allows precise programming of the law of motion of the sinking nozzles depending on the size and shape of the containers and the parameters of the product via a precise servo drive and controller. This allows achieving high filling speeds even for foamy products. The machine is equipped with a pressurized buffer tank, with adjustable pressure depending on the product density. This results in constant flow rate and aids the high dosing accuracy. The line continues with a rotary capping machine model IND-Close 22 RC-3 for screw and press-on caps and ends with a linear labeler, combi type, capable of sticking 1 or 2 labels on cylindrical, flat and oval containers, model IND-Lab 32 Combi.