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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Technological line for ketchup, sauces and tomato paste.

January 2009

In January INDEX-6® delivered a complete technological line for ketchup, sauces and tomato paste with capacity 8000 bph in the Russian company “Kuhmaster”. The products will be filled in glass bottles with twist-off caps and in HDPE bottles with screw caps. The equipment supplied provides rinsing of the containers using the rotary rinser IND-Wash 55 RR with 30 rinsing valves, volumetric piston filling on IND-Dose 48RP equipped with 24 cylinders, closing on two rotary machines from the IND-Close 22 RC series for twist-off caps and for screw caps, bottles drying by the IND-Blow 81L system using an air knife, labeling with two self-adhesive labels per container with the rotary labeling machine IND-Lab 36 supplied with express label reels changeover system. The final group-packing in thermo-shrinkable foil with automatic forming and gluing of a cardboard tray under the containers is carried out by the tray packer IND-Pack 29 T. The result – capacity for 64 000 precisely filled bottles of the different products, with perfect commercial looks and qualities.