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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

Being a Green responsible company.


INDEX-6® is strongly linked with incorporated by year international certification standards. System of quality management and systems of environmental management and health and safe working conditions are integrated. They are not only certified and regularly audited - they are accepted as responsible human mission of our team.

The ISO standards from the series 14000 requires "an effective system of environmental management," which the company incurs corporate responsibility as a manufacturer of packing machinery in front of human society for controlled separate collection of all waste, recycling some of them and their transmission for the authorized institutions. We exercise strict control at all levels, demonstrate conscious environmental responsibility in a world that is increasingly exposed to pollution and we pointing our "green" trail.

INDEX-6® is not only "green" in its relation to the world we live in, but it is also a kind of "index" on corporate responsibility not only in Bulgaria.