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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

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Model: IND-Dose 49 RRWTC 6/16/12/4 –AssetClean™ESL II

Weight filling Synchrobloc from AssetClean™series for ultra-clean filling of microbiologically sensitive products in PET bottles with ESL edition and neck handling of bottles.

  • Bottles sterilization through spraynozzles with controlled injection of the solution based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid (Oxonia) as fine fog;
  • Caps sterilizationwith fine fog of hydrogen peroxide solution;
  • Rinsing with sterile water;
  • Blowing with sterile air and treatment by UVC lamps;
  • Decontamination degree of the bottles and caps at maximum capacity of the machine:
    - Log > 4 for Aspergilus niger
    Log > 5 for Bacillus subtilis
    Log > 4 for Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Log > 5 for Lactobacillus casei;
  • IND-PPS - Purity Protection System:
    - Automatic washing and sterilization of the product tank and the filling valves;
    - Automatic washing and sterilization of the external parts in the machine chamber by dedicated nozzles and spherical spray balls;
    - Overpressure supply of a laminar flow of sterile air in the clean zone for filling and capping in order to prevent contamination arising from the surrounding environment;
    - Centralized system for lead-off of the washing fluids and their return to the CIP system;
    - Highly inclined surfaces of the Base, welded to the main frame and plate, that serve as the bottom of the machine working zone and provide for quick and complete lead-off of any fluids and faster drying of the machine surfaces;
    - Freestanding safety fencing with safety glass full-area windows, allowing for easy access to the machine from all sides and perfect cleaning of the floor under the carrying construction;
    - IND-CIP3 S3 - a dedicated CIP system for preparation of washing and disinfecting solutions;
    - IND-HOSW - Device for preparation of hydrogen peroxide Н2О2 solution and sterile water, used for bottles and caps treatment;
    - IND-HFAS - Device for preparation and supply of sterile air, utilizing enzyme HEPA filters.

General technicaldata:

- Milk 1l   pph max. 6200 
Range of dosing   g 150 to 2000
Precision of dosing   g ±1
Electrical supply   V/Hz 380/50
Installed power   кW 18
Compressed air consumption (7 bar)   Nl/h 12000
Highest point   mm 3950
Overall dimensions LxBxH   mm 3330x3330x3950
Weight    kg 7260



Model: IND-Dose 48 RRPC 15/12/4 PRAGMATIC®

Volumetric filling synchrobloc from Pragmatic® series for filling of sauses in small size glass and plastic bottles and closing with plastic screw caps.

  • Main frame in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet
  • Product tank, dosing cylinders and valves manufactured in stainless steel AISI 316
  • Automatic valve at the entrance of the product to the tank
  • Hysteresis clutches for adjustment of the torque of the closing heads
  • Sensor for “no bottle - no filling”
  • Intelligent interface; touch screen control; PLC OMRON
  • Manual adjustment of the filled volume
  • Motorized height adjustment for different bottle heights
  • Central drive: gearmotor Lenze – Germany
  • SMC pneumatic components
  • Central lubrication system (manual)
  • System for internal cleaning of the tank and the filling cylinders – pneumatic valve, dynamic sprayball AlfaLaval, tray for collecting the washing solution
  • Whirl pump for returning of the used cleaning agent
  • All necessary safety devices (mechanical clutches, electrical switches, safety bars)   
  • Smooth machine operation
  • No contact between the filling nozzles and the bottles

General technical data:

Capacity     pph max. 6000
Diameter of the bottles     mm max. 80
Height of the bottles    mm by sample
Range of dosing     cm3 50 – 200
Type of cap     plastic screw
Precision of dosing     % ± 0.3
Electrical supply     V/Hz 380/50
Compressed air     MPa 0.6
Installed power     kW 6.5
Overall dimensions LxBxH     mm 4875x1885x2750
Weight     kg 4150



Model: IND-Dose 43 F-10

  • Stainless steel structure, tightly closed fencing in Safety Glass;
  • Flat-top chain conveyor box;
  • Wide product tract, and filling nozzles specially designed for dense products;
  • No. 10 Massflow-meters E+H Dosimass for precise measurement and high accuracy even for non-homogenous products without electrical conductivity;
  • No. 10 filling heads with internal closing pin; servomotor-driven penetrating filling nozzles for bottom-filling with variable speed;
  • Buffer tank with pressure and level controls, sprayball for CIP cleaning;
  • Accidental drop collection tray;
  • Flexible connections with clamps;
  • Product tract in hygienic execution;
  • Valves, pipelines and collector for connecting to CIP;
  • Stainless steel electrical panel, Touch-screen control, PLC SIEMENS; Recipes memory;
  • Festo pneumatic components.

General technical data:

Capacity     pph max. 6200
Range of dosing     ml 100 to 2000
Container length/diameter     mm min. 60 max. 100
Precision of dosing     % 0.3
Installed power      kW 1,5
Overall dimensions LxBxH     mm 2310х2250х2320
Weight     kg 860


4. Rotary closing machine

Model: IND-Close 22 RC-4

Rotary machine for automatic closing of PET bottles with plastic screw caps.

  • Main frame in stainless steel
  • Smoth regulation of capacity
  • Infeed screw, starwheels and central guiding system for transporting of the bottles through the capping area
  • Custom-made chucks for caps handling
  • 4 pc. adjustable torque (hysteresis magnetic couple) closing heads
  • Stainless steel electrical board
  • Safety windows with protection switches  
  • Pick and Place Device
  • Differential mechanism for self-adjustable rotation of capping heads
  • Motorized height adjustment
  • Linear caps sorter on weight principle
  • Specially efforts spindle bearings

General technical data:

Output    pph max. 6800
Number of closing heads     pc
Diameter of the cap     mm by sample
Diameter/diagonal of the bottle     mm max 110
Height of the container     mm by sample
Electrical supply     V/Hz 380/50
Installed power     KW 2,6
Overall dimensions LxBxH     mm 3330x2400x2890
Weight     kg 1520



Model: IND-Lab 32F

Labeling machine of linear type, designed for automatic application of N°1  front and N°1  back label on flat, square and oval containers.

  • Base frame manufactured in stainless steel;
  • Spacing and aligning module;
  • Top guiding module;
  • Stainless steel control panel;
  • N.2 self-adhesive labeling stations with integrated label sensors teaching program and steplessly adjustable label speed; x-y-z adjustment;
  • Flat-top chain conveyor with independent drive;

General technical data:

Capacity     pph max. 6000
Number of labeling stations    pc  2
Height of front label     mm max 160
Height of back label     mm max 160
Height of containers     mm by sample 
Diameter of the roll with labels     mm max 300
Supply electrical     V/Hz 380/50
Installed power     kW 1,75
Overall dimensions LxBxH     mm 2860x1580x1630
Weight    kg 510


6. Closing machine for Twist-off caps

Model: IND-Close 12 EM

  • Base frame manufactured in stainless steel
  • Fast and easy adjustment for different diameters and heights of packages and caps
  • Smooth regulation of capacity
  • Large and lowered hopper for cap supply
  • Linear magnetic caps feeder
  • System for cooling the closing belts
  • System for supplying steam to the package and cap
  • System for ventilation of the machine with a stainless steel fan
  • Front lid with heat resistant hardened glass

General technical data:

Capacity   pph max. 18000
Diameter of the cap   mm from 27 to 100
Diameter of the container   mm from 50 to 160
Height of the container   mm from 70 to 280
- electrical    V/Hz 380/50
- saturated steam   MPa 0.6 – 0.8
Consumption of:      
- steam    kg/hr up to 60
- water for cooling   l/hr 50 – 80
Installed power   kW 2.5
Overall dimensions LxBxH   mm 3500x2160x3450
Weight   kg 970