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Ultra Clean filling & packaging lines for food and nonfood liquid products

The challenge! Camel milk in the UAE filled by a INDEX-6 block.


In terms of properties and composition, camel milk is different from cow’s milk. It is extremely good for the health, and it has a similar composition to mother’s milk. Аlaindairy of the UAE trusted INDEX-6’s high tech line for the filling of their camel’s milk. They were motivated to bring the camel’s milk up to the high EU standards for clean bottling and certified product. They are one of the greatest producers of camel’s milk in the UE, aiming at foreign markets in their marketing policy. Besides pure camel’s milk in PET bottles of 1L, 500ml and 250ml, the line fills small bottles of flavoured milk (chocolate, rose extract etc.).
The line has high capacity and flexibility for products and packaging, and it fully complies with the requirements of Alaindairy for the Camelait brand with exquisite freshness.